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Thomas G. Connors Elementary School

201 Monroe Street Hoboken, NJ 07030 - 201.356.3680

Gerald Fitzhugh, II

Vice Principal
Maria Morales 

Latest Connors School News
Our Principal is a Life Changer
We are very proud to announce that Mr. Fitzhugh has been named one of 10 LifeChangers Award Winners for the 2015-2016 school year. On Friday, March 11, the Connors community surprised Mr. Fitzhugh with a great assembly honoring him and his achievement.
Connors PTO Meeting Jan 12 Flyer (pdf)
Join us on January 12 at 5 pm in the Educational Media Center for a meeting about PARCC and about child discipline. We will be joined by parenting coach Kumari Ghafoor-Davis. Childcare and a Spanish translator will be available.
Parent Teacher Conference Letter (pdf)
Parent-Teacher Conferences on October 21st
Parents, please be reminded to review the Parent-Teacher Conference Letter by clicking on the title above. You are able to select three times that work best for you to speak with your child's teachers. Once you return the conference letter form by October 15th, the homeroom teacher will send a confirmation letter to you indicating the time of your conference. In closing, I thank each of you for your continued commitment to Thomas G. Connors Elementary School.
Principal Fitzhugh's Welcome Back Letter to the School Community August 2015 (pdf)
Click on the title above to read the welcome letter that was sent home in early August. We are looking forward to another very productive school year at Connors!
The Thomas G. Connors Elementary School Kindergarten Experience
On Wednesday, August 19, 2015, our new kindergarten students came to Connors with their parents for a morning of centers and getting to know you activities. Under the guidance of Principal Fitzhugh and Vice Principal Morales, the kindergarten team, including the instructional aides and Reading Coach Rosanna Lucignano were on site to simulate the day in the life of a kindergarten student. The parents were able to receive answers to those burning questions prior to the start of the school year. The Connors Elementary School Family is looking forward to welcoming our youngest learners on Tuesday, September 8, 2015.
Connors PTO Meeting Dates 2015-2016 (pdf)
Connors students win at art contest
WINNERS AGAIN !!!!!!!!!!! For five consecutive years students at T.G. Connors Elementary have had the honor of having their artwork published in the "Celebrating Art" anthology. This year Mrs. Musella will have 17 of her students get published. She also had a winner, Adriel Clark, for the Earth Day Poster Contest. As always we are so very proud of our students here at T.G. Connors Elementary. Click on the title above to see their gorgeous work.

Honors Breakfast at Connors
On May 4, 2015, Principal Fitzhugh hosted the Third Marking Cycle Breakfast celebration for our students in grades four through six. The celebration breakfast was a enjoyed by all. Special thank you to our parent partners as well as Dr. Hernandez for taking time out of their busy schedules to celebrate the students for their academic achievements. Click the title above for pictures.
Week of the Young Child (April 13-April 17) at Thomas G. Connors Elementary School
Connors Elementary School students in kindergarten participated in a variety of activities aimed at celebrating them as young learners. This is an annual celebration sponsored by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC). The goal is to recognize the early childhood programs and services offered to the families to meet the needs of the children and families at local, state, and federal levels. From the dance party to yoga sessions as well as constructing a large life sized drawing of themselves centered on the theme All About Me, these learners experienced a plethora of fun activities throughout the week. Kindergarten teachers, Mrs. Janice Sheridan and Ms. Sarah Beers; along with kindergarten paraprofessionals Ms. Carol Mussara and Ms. Symone Braxton created activities that were specific to the learning styles of their students. Special thank you to Mr. Francis Azzarto who served as DJ for the kindergarten dance party and Ms. Rosanna Lucignano who taught our youngest learners yoga; this was a grand experience for our students.
Johns Hopkins Program Applications Due April 26th
All applications for the Johns Hopkins University Center for Talented Youth entry test are due to Mrs. Cohen by April 26th, 2015. The test is offered to students in grades 3-12. For more information, please contact Mrs. Fran Cohen at (201) 356-3717.
Connors School Spring Survey
The Thomas G. Connors Elementary School Spring Survey is available for parents, staff, and student completion. Please look below for survey links. Students will take the survey with their respective homerooms. Staff will take the survey during common planning meetings. Parents are able to take the survey on their own or at the school building. Please see our school clerks for technology usage. I thank each constituent group for their commitment to completing the surveys.

Educationally yours,

Mr. Gerald Fitzhugh, II

Parent Survey English

Parent Survey Spanish

Staff Survey

Elementary Survey

Elementary Survey Spanish

Middle School (Grade Six Students ONLY)

Middle School Spanish (Grade Six Students ONLY)

Connors Read Across America Day
On Friday, February 27th, our early childhood students in grades K-2 were a part of Dr. Seuss' birthday celebration. Celebrity readers provided our students with the opportunity to hear the words of the late Dr. Seuss through read-alouds throughout the morning. Students were excited to have our celebrity readers in their classrooms and were able to ask questions about their careers and subsequent impact on the community of Hoboken. Special thank you to Ms. Maritza Ramos, school clerk for putting together this wonderful experience for our early childhood learners. Click title above for pictures.
Connors Black History Month Assembly Program
The Black History Month Assembly was held on Thursday, February 26, 2015. Two performances were planned for our school community; the 1st at 10:00 AM and the 2nd at 1:00 PM. Parents, staff, students, several board members, and the executive team were in attendance. Under the direction of Mrs. Gwendolyn White, inclusion specialist, the school community had the opportunity to view poetry, music, and literature of the Harlem Renaissance, Civil Rights period, and beyond. The performance was phenomenal and allowed for all stakeholders to learn about the aforementioned periods. Click title above for pictures.
Hispanic Heritage celebration at Connors School (pdf)
October 15th was such a fantastic day at Connors Elementary! Under the leadership of Ms. Meza, world language teacher and Ms. Sanchez, resource teacher, the students in grades 2-6 participated in a celebration honoring Hispanic Heritage Month. The synopsis of the play was as follows:
A tourist dad and his son, much in need of a vacation, arrive late for their flight to Kalamazoo. In the midst of the frustration, a tour guide offers his help, only to also find himself in a similar frustrated state when the tourist cannot make up his mind as to where to go after learning about so many culturally fulfilling packages.
El turista (the Spanish term for tourist), is the product of a collaborative effort by Adela Sanchez (resource teacher) and Tatiana Meza (world language teacher). Based on an original script written by Ms. Meza and enhanced by the choreographic talents and vision of Ms. Sanchez, El turista is a whirlwind ride that encompasses humor, drama, and dance.
Click title to see pictures from the show.
The PBSIS initiative continues at Connors Elementary this school year
The Universal Team of the Positive Behavior Supports in Schools Initiative hosted the kick off celebration for our continued implementation on Friday, September 5, 2014 in the school gymnasium. The celebration consisted of a Wii Dance Party, Minute to Win It Activities, and discussing as a school the attributes of Connors C.A.R.E.S: C-Commit to Learning, A-Act Responsibly, R-Respect Everyone, E-Effort Matters, and S-Soar to Success. A special thank you to the Connors Universal Team for making this event a noteworthy experience for staff and students. Click title above to see pictures.
Connors Elementary School Fall Survey
The Thomas G. Connors Elementary School Fall Survey is available for Parents, Staff, and Student usage. Students will take the survey with their respective homerooms. Staff will take the survey during common planning meetings. Parents are able to take the survey on their own or at the school building. Please see our school clerks for technology usage. I thank each constituent group for their commitment to completing the surveys.

Educationally yours,

Mr. Gerald Fitzhugh, II

Elementary Students

Elementary Students - Spanish

Middle/High School Students

Middle/High School Students - Spanish


Parents Spanish


Thomas G. Connors Elementary School Summer Times August 2014 (pdf)
Click the title above to read about the four week program held at Connors School during July.
Hoboken Early Childhood Frequently Asked Questions (pdf)
Is it really true that as a resident of Hoboken, I can register my three-or four-year-old child in full-day Pre-Kindergarten classes free of charge? I just moved to Hoboken. Can I still enroll my child in Pre-K 3 or Pre-K 4? If I missed the March registration, how does placement work and what are the chances of my child being placed? For the answers to these questions and many others, click on the title above for our FAQ.
Connors International Dinner - Pictures
On June 2nd, the Connors School hosted the Annual International Dinner Night. Families as well as staff enjoyed an evening of music and conversation; not to mention great food that was representative of the cultures of our stakeholders at Connors Elementary. Over 45 families were in attendance as well as over 30 staff members. The night was enjoyable by all in attendance. Click title above to view pictures.
Week of the Young Child (April 7-April 11) at Thomas G. Connors Elementary School
Connors Elementary School students in grades pre-kindergarten and kindergarten participated in a variety of activities aimed at celebrating them as young learners. This is an annual celebration sponsored by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC). The goal is to recognize the early childhood programs and services offered to the families to meet the needs of the children and families at local, state, and federal levels. From the dance party to yoga sessions as well as creating books entitled All About Me, these learners experienced a plethora of fun activities throughout the week. Special thank you to Mr. Francis Azzarto who served as DJ for the pre-kindergarten dance party and Mrs. Tammi Oberstein who taught our young learners yoga; this was the first experience for our students.
6th Grade Basketball Triumph
Congratulations to the 6th grade basketball team city champs!! The combined 6th grade team from Connors and Calabro Elementary Schools was the only team in either league to go undefeated, finishing 11-0 counting the championship game. In the championship game, Connors/Calabro were down by 9 early in the game and down by 5 late in the game, but the players never gave up or lost focus. The players continued to battle until finally taking the lead in the final minute and holding on for a 52-49 win over Wallace, who played very well and showed great pride themselves. The gym was packed with parents and teachers alike. The atmosphere was electric. Members of our 6th grade team included: Ali Mendoza and Kyrin Rhone from Calabro, and from Connors: Nyjon Freeman (MVP) Jason Blanks, Darius Darden, Carlos Cruz, Xavier Ventura, Razel Colon, Fabian Cordova. Way to go, team!
Please Follow Connors Elementary on Twitter
Parents, you are encouraged to follow Thomas G. Connors on Twitter via the address: @Connors School. You will have the opportunity to view events that are upcoming as well as announcements that are vital for you and your child. I thank you in advance for your continued support! Principal Fitzhugh
Connors Cares Video
Thomas G. Connors Elementary School is a part of the Positive Behavioral Supports in Schools Initiative. Through the initiative, common language building wide had to be established so all stakeholders were aware of the expectations across grade levels. The Connors CARES video was made in the Spring of 2013 in an effort to establish behavioral and social protocols at Thomas G. Connors Elementary School. The purpose of the video is to provide an instructional component to explicitly teach students the expectations and appropriate behaviors in each part of the school building. The video has been viewed by all Connors students and teachers, and can be viewed when reminders are in order to strengthen behavioral and social protocols in the classroom, hallway, stairwell, and recess areas of the school building.
School Culture and Climate Survey
Dear Connors staff, students and parents,
Kindly assist us by completing the appropriate survey below.
Parent Survey - English
Parent Survey - Spanish
Student Survey for Grades 3-5
Student Survey for Grade 6-12
Staff Survey
Fall Parent Survey
Attention Connors Elementary School Parents, the time has arrived for you to take the fall parent survey. This survey will provide you the forum to express how you feel that Connors Elementary is functioning both socially and pedagogically. Please take a few minutes to complete the survey. I thank you in advance for your continued support.
Principal Fitzhugh

Parent Survey

Parent Survey in Spanish

Connors Preschool Orientation letter (pdf)
Click title above to read about important dates for Connors preschool families.
Connors Open House Flyer Sept. 17 2013 (pdf)
Please join Principal Fitzhugh at 5:30 pm on September 17 for a General Information Session to review data from the previous school year as well as new information for SY 2013-2014. (Students MUST be accompanied by their parents/guardians)
Older Announcements

District News and Updates
Phone System Replacement
The phone system at central office and all of our schools will undergo maintenance on Monday, August 29th from 11:00 a.m. until 1:00 p.m. If you experience difficulty, please e-mail your intended party or try back later in the afternoon.
Board of Education Trustee vacancy
The Hoboken Board of Education is soliciting candidates for a vacant Board of Education Trustee position to serve through the election of a replacement Trustee through January 2, 2018. It is our belief that the widest possible pool of potential Trustees should be considered, including parents, former students and other interested community members, including those who might not be immediately aware of a potential vacancy. Further, we believe that better results will be achieved, and public confidence will be enhanced, when such vacancies are filled in an orderly, open and even-handed established manner. We have established a process to do just that.
If you are a registered voter seeking to serve in this position, please submit your one-page resume and/or a one-page cover letter explaining why you should be chosen to the Board Secretary by Thursday, September 8, 2016.
Applications can be delivered by hand or mailed to 158 Fourth Street, faxed to 201-356-3642 or e-mailed to the Board Secretary (wmoffitt@hoboken.k12.nj.us). All those who submit applications as above may be interviewed at a future board meeting at which time they will be able to speak on their own behalf.
For additional information about the role and responsibilities of a School Board Member, please visit, the New Jersey School Boards Association website at: https://www.njsba.org/news-publications/press-releases/july-25th-school-board-candidacy-deadline-consider-serving-community/
Thanks for the Help with Sound Panels
Thank you to all who helped us to get a 20% discount on our sound panels by liking tbe vendor on Facebook. We got the needed number of likes.
Hoboken Middle School Orientation Invitation (pdf)
All 7th and 8th grade students and parents/guardians are cordially invited to join us for dinner and an introduction to our new middle school program. Come meet your teachers, learn about our programs, and take a tour. We look forward to meeting you. RSVP by September first to Tara.Donnelly@hoboken.k12.nj.us.
Athletic Tryout Information for Fall 2016 (pdf)
Fall season is approaching. Join the Redwing family for the fall of 2016. The following fall sports are open to Hoboken High School students and residents of Hoboken who attend either County Prep or High Tech: Football, Cheering, Girls' Volleyball, Girls' Soccer, Boys' Soccer.
Theater Camp Showcase (pdf)
Join us at Hoboken High School Auditorium at 1:00 pm on July 26th for our annual Theater Camp Showcase. See what our K-8 campers have been working on all summer. Songs performed will be from well-known and beloved musicals.
Early Childhood Education Community and Parent Involvement Specialist Transition (pdf)
Longtime Community and Parent Involvement Specialist, Ms. Nelys Moyeno, has retired and Ms. Nory Rojas will be stepping into that role going forward.
Weekly Update from Schools 6-23-16
Early Childhood Education FAQ 16-17 (pdf)
The attached document will assist and inform families who have questions regarding placement in our Early Childhood Education Program for the 2016-2017 school year.
Junior Class at HJSHS Publishes Memoirs
Every year, beginning with 2009, the junior class at Hoboken High School has embarked on an authentic writing experience, culminating in the publication of a volume of memoirs. This year's edition, Scratching the Surface, is now available for sale on Amazon.Com. The official launch of the book will take place on Friday, May 27th, with a reading by some of our newly published authors. We are confident that you will be as impressed by their work as we are.
Theater Arts II takes top honors at Teen Arts
Ms. Miller’s Theatre Arts II class participated in the Hudson County Teen Arts competition over the weekend of May 14th. Students Gina Rotondi, Brittney Colon, Aishah Tapia, David Rivera, Ivelisse Lorenzo, Hannah Mack, Brandon Lyons, Te'Janea Bradley-Johnson, Aliyah Ramos, and Andrew Moya, placed 1st, (Top Honors) in the “Large Drama” category for a 15-minute scene selection from the play The Laramie Project. This emotionally charged play was created from two hundred interviews of people who lived in Laramie Wyoming in 1998, following the brutal robbery and beating of gay college student Matthew Shepard, who was tortured and left to die, targeted because of his sexuality. The event brought a national focus to the subject of hate crime. Ms. Miller is very proud of the piece as our students showcased a high level of maturity, integrity, and sensitivity in telling this complex story. As an educator, Ms. Miller feels the award highlights the type of complex work and higher level thinking that is being created and taught in classrooms within our public school district. The group now moves on to the state competition on June 3rd at Ocean County Community College.
Hispanic Culture Club Hispanic Heritage Celebration and Hall of Fame
We are proud to announce this year's class being inducted into the Hoboken High School Hispanic Culture Club Hall of Fame:
Class of 2016
Charles Biancosino (Educator)
Julio Fernandez (Entertainer)
Teofilo "Tom" Olivieri (Community Activist)

Save the Date: The 2nd Annual Hoboken High School Hispanic Heritage Celebration and Hispanic Culture Club Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony, Wednesday, June 8, 2016 at 7pm.

Like the event on Facebook at:

Wallace Student Newspaper Spring Edition 2016 (pdf)
Connors Students are Art Stars!
Every year Mrs. Musella enters her students’ artwork in the contest CelebratingArt.com. We are very pleased to announce we had 30 winners this year. Thomas G. Connors is considered to be one of the top ranking schools in New Jersey, which means they have one of the highest total number of students being accepted for publication in a full color hardbound art book. Being published represents a lot of talent, hard work and dedication, we are very proud of our students here at Thomas G. Connors.
2016-2017 Hoboken Public Schools Calendar (pdf)
Parent and Guardian Letter Regarding Lead (pdf)
STEM Showcase
Congratulations to Hudson Matullo and Brandon Lyons for winning awards at the Jersey City Medical Center/Barnabas Health STEM Showcase! Over 300 students from grades 5-12 competed in the STEM Showcase that began on February 29, 2016. Last night’s award ceremony celebrated the winners from around Hudson County.
Hudson Matullo, a 5th grader from Wallace Elementary School, won a Gold Medal and the Merideth Lippman Memorial Award for her “Window Busters” science fair investigation. Hudson researched various types of window protection that would enable glass windows to hold up during superstorms.

Brandon Lyons, a 10th grader from HJSHS, won a bronze medal for his research on the “Effect of Social Interactions on Caloric Intake in Mice.” He found that, on average, mice living alone consumed more calories than mice coupled together.

And the winners are....
Every year Hoboken Senior High School competes in the NJ Thespians competition, New Jersey's largest annual theatre event. We are proud to announce that we won the following awards:
1st place for best play, which allows us to participate in the national competition in Lincoln, NE in June 2016. Ms. Miller's class performed a 40-minute section of Almost, Maine by John Cariani.

Brittney Colon won Best Actress
Brandon Lyons won won Best Actor

Students won the following "Superior" awards:
Gina Rotondi - Comedic Monologue
Brandon Lyons - Dramatic Monologue
Brittney Colon - Dramatic Monologue
Hannah Mack - Dramatic Monologue
Aishah Tapia - Dramatic Monologue
Brandon Lyons & Te Janea Bradley-Johnson - Dramatic Pairs Scene

For Almost, Maine the cast /crew consisted of Brittney Colon, Brandon Lyons, Te' Janea Bradley-Johnson, Aliyah Ramos, Hannah Mack, Ivelisse Lorenzo, Andrew Moya, Aishah Tapia, Gina Rotondi, David Rivera, with Isiah Watson, Angel Molina, and Arturo Liranzo running sound cues and lighting. The play had to be completely student run.

Family Science Nights (pdf)
Join us for some amazing science fun at our new series of science nights, sponsored by the Hoboken Education Foundation. The programs are geared for students in grades K-6, as specified by grade range on the attached flyer. We hope to see you there!
Drama Club Wins BIG at Theatre Competition
The HJSHS Drama Club attended The NJ Governor's Awards in Arts Education Competition, sponsored by STANJ (Speech and Theatre Association of NJ) on January 30th, 2016. Thirty-five high schools with over 600 students competed in categories such as comedic monologue, dramatic monologue, comedic pairs, dramatic pairs, scenes, and improvisation.
Ms. Miller is proud of her students who worked hard and presented themselves in a professional manner. The following students won awards:

Gina Rotondi won 4th place for Comedic Monologue.

Brittney Colon won 3rd Place for Comedic Monologue.

Brandon Lyons, Jeane Cummins, and Te'Janea Bradley Johnson won 4th place in the scene category (3 or more actors) for the play A Raisin in the Sun.

What is most impressive is that Brandon Lyons won BEST ACTOR out of the entire competition for his portrayal of Walter Lee in A Raisin in the Sun. He will now get to attend the Governor's Awards Ceremony in Trenton in May to receive an additional award.

Teachers and Educational Services Professionals of the Year 2015-2016
HJSHS and Urban Farming
Congratulations to HJSHS teacher Juliana Addi, whose successful proposal has netted a $25,000 grant to develop the Urban Farm Engineers Club. The grant is from Cognizant, a global leader in business and industry, as part of their Making the Future grant program, which “seeks to inspire young learners and future leaders to pursue science, technology, engineering, and math disciplines by creating fun, hands on learning opportunities.”
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