HMS Introduces Math-Infused Cardio Club

Hoboken Middle School Introduces Early Morning Math-Infused Cardio Club

Hoboken Middle School Introduces an Early Morning Math-infused Cardio Club

Hoboken, NJ (October 19, 2018): It cannot be denied that students are accustomed to a fast paced society. Information is rapid and continuous, schedules are booked solid, and deadlines dictate much of any given day. Never before has it been as important to help students understand the interconnectedness of a healthy mind and a healthy body.

The majority of the traditional school day is spent around tables, or sitting in desks. At Hoboken Middle School, brain breaks take place often and recess occurs daily. The administration and staff see the benefits of movement and physical activity in relation to productive class participation, the ability to apply knowledge and concepts, and the overall positive interactions between and among students.

Hoboken Middle School Principal Harold Abraham introduced the early morning Cardio Club just a few weeks ago to build camaraderie and teamwork across the school, and to kick the school day off with a series of fitness activities to create an optimal condition for learning. Early in its inception, this program already boasts 25% of the student body. Each week, the numbers appear to be rising.

During the most recent Cardio Club session, students ran from Hoboken Middle School to Pier C. The crisp air and beautiful early morning sky was the perfect setting for calculating pace and clocking sprint times. On Pier C, Principal Abraham led students through calisthenics, tire pushing/pulling repetitions, cardiovascular endurance exercises, and dynamic stretching and plyometric sets. Hoboken Middle School parents and staff members are also invited to participate in the Cardio Club. Rachel Loughlin, Hoboken Middle School Humanities Teacher and avid participant claims, “Students really take pride in their efforts and the fact that Principal Abraham is committed to their growth and achievements.”

The Hoboken Middle School Cardio Club is not a typical fitness course. The Cardio Club employs a multidisciplinary approach, infusing an array of Mathematics concepts and content into physical exercises and drills. Through its innovative design, students use math skills to evaluate and adjust their personal fitness goals on a fitness app. Early morning runs are mapped using GPS technology. Students also chart every step that they take, monitor their heart rate, and calculate their VO2 max. While this is taking place, math vocabulary and concepts are reinforced.

Principal Abraham shared, “It is amazing to see my students develop grit, persistence and determination as a result of this program and it’s being carried over into the academic setting.” The Hoboken Middle School staff is passionate about utilizing movement as a tool to promote overall wellness and to increase student achievement.
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