Classrooms Without Walls

At Hoboken High School, the world is a classroom.

Hoboken High School is passionate about travel because as the world becomes increasingly interconnected, global education is more important than ever. Hoboken High School’s Classrooms Without Walls Program’s international trips provide experiences that make our students more open-minded and help them develop a global perspective. Last year, Hoboken High School’s authentic learning experience took us back to a fascinating time in history.

We are always excited to see our students broadening their perspectives, and embarking on immersion tours across historical destinations. Educational tours and cultural exchange programs through Hoboken High School’s Classrooms Without Walls Program provide in-depth travel experiences, hands-on learning, and lasting cultural connections for students.

Future Trips

Charting the Galapagos Islands Spring 2021

Your perspective on the world evolves when you walk in Darwin's footsteps on this fascinating archipelago. On Isabela, Santa Cruz, and San Cristobal islands, observe the giant tortoises, finches, and mocking birds that helped solidify Darwin's theory of evolution. On mainland Ecuador, the discoveries are more culturally oriented at Quito's Independence Plaza, the Intinan Museum, and Otavalo.
China: From Ancient to Modern Spring 2022

The modern capital of Beijing - with its sprawling Summer Palace and the amazing Great Wall - is a worthy successor to the former capital Xi'an. That ancient city is home to the Terracotta Warriors and other monuments to ancient Chinese customs. In the  south, Yangshuo's natural formations are as exotic as the culture- dramatic mountain peaks and cliffs are highlighted by the enchanting Moon Hill.
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