National Physics Olympiad

Hoboken Middle School competes in National Physics Olympiad hosted by Physical Science Research Associates (Physcira)
Hoboken, NJ, Tuesday, June 1, 2021 — On Thursday, April 29th, students across Hoboken Middle School competed in the first ever Physics Olympiad hosted by Physical Science Research Associates (Physcira). This virtual competition gave students in grades 6-8 a chance to showcase their physics and science skills through multiple choice questions and open-ended questions that allowed students to truly be challenged and think outside the “physics” box. The Inaugural U.S. Physics Olympiad for Middle School students was a one-day, virtual event. The competition asked students to answer questions and solve problems in the fields of mechanics, optics, and electricity & magnetism. The first part of the competition gave middle schoolers 90 minutes to answer 25 multiple-choice questions. Many students were eager to begin the Olympiad and prove their deep understanding of physics in the real world. The second part of the competition consisted of 6 open-ended, pre-algebra-based physics problems to be completed within 90 minutes. Though tricky, Hoboken Middle School students gave it their all and competed to win! With much anticipation, the results of The Inaugural Middle School Physics Olympiad have been announced. Several students in Grades 6-8 have placed nationally amongst peers and have been awarded with placements such as second place, third place, and placing in the 90th Percentile. These students were not only highly successful in their knowledge of physics, but were also able to think critically using pre-algebra skills. The following students have placed in The Inaugural Middle School Physics Olympiad: 1. Ava DiGiacomo (7th Grade)- 90th Percentile 2. Dusan Dobric (8th Grade)- 90th Percentile 3. Peter Franco (8th Grade)- Second Place 4. Adrian Jianksy (7th Grade)- 90th Percentile 5. Nikoline O'Keefe (7th Grade)- 90th Percentile 6. Beatrice Olney (8th Grade)- Third Place 7. Ethan Sikernitsky (6th Grade)- 90th Percentile 8. Arcadio Torres (8th Grade)- 90th Percentile 9. Madison Walia Peters (8th Grade)- Second Place 10. Morgan Walia Peters (8th Grade)- Second Place Students received their awards on Friday, May 28th, 2021, recognizing their national achievement. Hoboken Middle School is proud of its students and recognizes their academic excellence and efforts throughout this competition.
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