HHS Theatre Receives International Recognition

Hoboken HS Theatre Department Receives International Recognition Honored to be New Jersey's chosen “Chapter Select Play” Stage production for the International Thespian Festival 2022

Hoboken HS Theatre Department Receives International Recognition

honored to be New Jersey's chosen “Chapter Select Play”  Stage production for the International Thespian Festival 2022.

Hoboken, NJ, Friday, July 1, 2022 — The Hoboken High School Theatre Department (Troupe #7268) has been selected as one of twenty schools internationally to be featured on the Main Stage of the International Thespian Festival 2022. 

Hoboken High School is the 1st school in the State of New Jersey to be selected with the honor of being featured on the Main Stage for the International Thespian Festival in 2021, which has been held annually since 1941.  Their  production was viewed by thousands of thespians and school districts from around the world. 

This year, Hoboken High School Theatre Department (Troupe #7268) had five exhilarating days at The International Thespians Festival from June 20th-24th at Indiana University Bloomington, Indiana. There were approximately 300 thespian troupes from 5 different countries at ITF this year. (around 6000 people) Students who attend the trip were: 

Kendall McDonough

Mable Bliske-Villavicencio

Rosie Cabelin

Naomi Cooke

Shai Warshawsky

Miguel Cabelin

Anthony Barahona

Arcadio Torres

Halie Benway

Riddhi Damani

Daniel Weintraub 

Hoboken High School was honored to be New Jersey's chosen “Chapter Select Play” and therefore received a time slot to perform on stage. The Troupe performed "Teen" written by Kristen Doherty. Both Mr. Kinnear and Ms. Miller was incredibly proud of our students.  The students had a very receptive audience and received compliments all week on campus from complete strangers who were moved by their talents. 


The International Thespian Festival 2022 opening ceremonies kicked the celebration of theatre with Broadway actor Michael James Scott from Aladdin and Hamilton as the MC. Over the course of the trip, students were then able to take workshops with professionals in the field of theatre such as "Devising Theatre", "Creating Special Effects Props", "Knot Tying", "Creative Dramatics Theatre Games", “Improv Games”, “Stage Management” “So You Want to be a Theatre Educator” and so much more.  While at ITF students were also able to watch amazing performances from the best high school shows this school year.  They included Kinky Boots, Catch Me If You Can, Groundhog Day, Bus Stop, The Book of Will ,and many Chapter Select One Acts.  


Additionally our students showcased their talents through college auditions, tech challenges such as legging a platform, knot tying, sewing, and hanging a light, and the Thespy® Awards. (it you receive a “superior” rating on a state level, you get to compete against all the other state level winners at ITF for an International Acting Award) 


Hoboken High School students had so much to say about the The International Thespian Festival 2022 in Indiana: 


Kendall McDonough: “ITF was truly one of the best trip experiences I have ever had! It was just such a fantastic week meeting new people, seeing new shows, and trying new things! We got the opportunity to meet people from around the world and take workshops that helped me enhance my skills as a whole. The shows that we were able to watch such as Kinky Boots, Catch Me If You Can, and Groundhog Day inspired me so much and made me want to improve as an actress. I am beyond grateful for this experience and already can’t wait for next year!”

Halie Benway: “There are no words to describe how amazing and wonderful spending a week at ITF was. Not only was it one of the best weeks of my life but also one of the busiest too. We took many workshops, saw multiple chapters selects ( including performing our own), watched main stage productions, and competed. One workshop I truly enjoyed was “Belting 101”. We learned techniques and warm ups to help belt in a healthy and natural way. I also saw multiple chapter selects which are one act plays of a full length show that a school can perform. One that really stuck out to me and enjoyed the most was “Tracks”. A group of individuals are all stuck in one train station with no way out until they realize they're dead and the characters debate their morals.  I have learned so much from the last week not only about theater but about being independent and making my own decisions.  I also competed in tech challenges and learned to leg a platform. I can’t wait to go back next year.”

Arcadio Torres: “ITF was definitely a great experience. All of the performances were amazing, the workshops were all interesting and it just was overall so much fun. One of my favorite workshops was puppetry. We learned about the history of puppets in theater, and we were able to use hand and rod puppets. Overall I definitely want to go back in future years.”

Shai Warshawsky: “ITF was truly remarkable, and was unlike anything else I’ve ever experienced!  The workshops were very informative and fun, and taught me techniques that I can use in the future. The workshop, Belting 101, was very useful in providing a base for my singing journey, and has motivated me to improve on my singing skills. If you have any interest in dancing or improving upon it, I recommend doing the Industry Hip Hop on Broadway workshop! It was so much fun being in a supportive atmosphere while learning a fun and challenging routine! ITF was like one big community, and mainstages such as Catch Me if You Can, Groundhog Day, and Kinky Boots struck so much new found inspiration!  They gave me the goal of working up to that skill level during my high school years! This whole experience reminded me why I love theater so much and I would love to have the opportunity to go again!”

Anthony Barahona: “The ITF is a trip that I hope everyone interested in theater can experience. From being able to see the hard work of other troupes on the Mainstage to being able to enjoy my time with my troupe that I love dearly. I highly recommended the “Parody Lyric” workshop, I was able to learn how to effectively create a parody song. My most favorite part of ITF was spending time with my troupe who I consider family and watching shows such as Groundhog Day and The Book of Will. I loved my experience at ITF and I look forward to returning next year.”

Rosie Cabelin: “ITF was truly an amazing experience. Troupe #7268 is like a family. I loved performing in front of schools from different states and making new friends with other troupe members. I also thoroughly enjoyed workshops and mainstage musicals such as Kinky Boots.”

Miguel Cabelin: “ITF honestly felt like the celebration of a community. It’s amazing to be surrounded by so much incredible talent and creative, kind individuals. I watched some of the most amazing shows at the festival, which is outstanding because these productions were put on purely by high school students. It gave me the inspiration to challenge myself in my own theater work and talents in the future. Such a great experience!”


The International Thespian Excellence Awards

The International Thespian Excellence Awards (Thespys) is a multi-round competition that provides standards-based feedback on individual, duet, and group musical and non-musical events, technical events, and short film events.

The International Thespian Festival 

The International Thespian Festival brings together the best performances, top teaching artists, and premier colleges and universities for a community-centered experience like no other. Plus, with daily surprises and special Broadway and Hollywood celebrity appearances

Students can participate in one-of-a-kind workshops highlighting every theatre interest

  • Dozens of acclaimed performances, all created especially for virtual audiences
  • Audition and compete for scholarships with more than 60 colleges and universities
  • Showcase your talent in the Thespy® Awards program, earning valuable recognition and feedback.

Pictures from the The International Thespian Festival 2022

Shai Warshawsky sewing for Tech Challenge 


Halie Benway and Anthony Barahona Legging a Platform for Tech Challenge



Arcadio Torres Knot Tying for Tech Challenge 



Riddhi Damani Hanging and Focusing a Light for tech Challenge 



Pictured below is all students from NJ schools who attend ITF 


Hoboken High School Thespians



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